Hi. I'm Stacia Alexandria of WDIVA-TV.

Hi. I'm Stacia Alexandria of WDIVA-TV.

Welcome to The Harley Works - Diary of a Doll. I'm the one who knows what is happening and where in DaeLite City. Here you can find exactly that. You can also visit us at My Space and our other diary.

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Introducing Ayonia

Ayonia Gwinnett is a Coquette Cissy. Isn't she gorgeous?

She is wearing a Barbie outfit and Lollipop Girl boots.

Wig by Tabloach Productions. My Scene glasses.

Doesn't she go well with the My Scene guy?

The height difference reminds me of my Mom and Dad.

Nubian Empress by Ms. H.

Nubian Empress is a ooak Christie (Barbie friend) using the Nichelle face mold. She won 1st place in the Atlanta Doll Collectors 2008 doll pageant.

Check her out here with her Designer, Harley David (Ms. H.)

And here's her photoshoot.

Juana's Makeover

Juana's Makeover I have a soft spot for previously loved dolls. When it comes to picking one for a project or to use in my photostories, I go to the nude doll bin first.

I mainly like the dolls that look the worse. The challenge of making a princess out of a pauper thrills me. Juanita was having a bad hair day when I bought her. I picked her just because of it. I wanted to see what I could do with her. And, of course, the low price made her a taker.

Then I wanted to use her in my Spring Break story so she needed a new look. I pulled it back and would only show her from one side. lol

Then the girls lended a helping hand and styled it for her. She couldn't impress Antron with that wild hair she was sporting.

And finally her sister Vea, a stylist, does her hair. Juanita was bridesmaid at MiKayna's wedding.
Here she wears a modified Zodiac dress.